Frequently asked questions

If you're new to CollegeHub, this guide answers common questions about the platform, the services we offer, and how to get started.

Why choose CollegeHub?

CollegeHub is the only portfolio/website creator which targets college students. No coding experience, but still want to express your portfolio through a website? CollegeHub is the right service for you. You have option to choose from templates which describe your resume the best and portrays your strengths and skills in the way you want

Is CollegeHub right for me?

Everyone has unique needs for their website portfolio, so there’s one way to know if CollegeHub is right for you: try it!

We provide free service to college students with their college email id. You can explore our platform, Choose your template, create the website.
Happy exploring, start from here Learn more

How do I get started?

To get started go to and Sign up.
We understand that creating a website portfolio takes time and every student's schedule is different. You don't need to build your website from scratch and finish. Just like every application, you submit you details for every resume section and it will deliver you with a default template website which you can edit according your needs.
Premium features will be coming soon, which will come with exciting and helpful features to make your experience the best evertime you publish.

Which template should I use?

On the current CollegeHub platform we offer 3 templates. The moment you sign up and fill the forms, your website is in default template mode, but it doesn't limit the designs or layouts you can choose or create.
Explore the template store in settings to find a design that fits your vision or background. We recommend focusing more attention to the structure and style rather than its example content shown in the thumbnail. The demo content will be same with your details but with premium features and some coding skills you can customize it to meet you needs.
One good thing, if you decide you want to change the template of your site later, you can always go to settings and choose a new template from template store and your changes will be published in no longer than 10 minutes.

How do I get out of my URL?

All CollegeHub sites include a built-in domain URL that ends in To use a custom domain instead, you can: Buy your own domain and connect the third party domain to your website.
For security purposes, when you will be logged in you will always see the same URL with in your address bar, even if you have a custom domain.

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